Organic Abstract

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Studies, drawings & oil paintings of my observation of people connecting with the environments, landscape, room, space etc., in a zen & harmonious manner.

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  1. Rayxadmin

    Thank you for visiting my artwork. I have been travelling in remoted places in S E Asia and didn’t have good access to internet. But plenty of inspiration – spiritual & artistic. Best, Ang-Ray

  2. Rajwinder

    Wow these are amazing! I also though these were real photographs when I saw them.
    In answer to your question, looking back on my work from school, through university and now into my job, I think I do retain a certain style in the projects I do.
    I think this is somewhat bound to the aesthetics I enjoy, like bright colors, geometric shapes. straight lines and repeat pattern.
    As a growing designer I do think it’s important to maintain an element of personal style but I love to experiment, learn new skills and as scary as this may be venturing into the unknown, it always brings about new creativity!
    You have some serious skills. It’s lovely to see what others strings you have to your bow.

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