Born in Borneo, I grew up interacting and connecting with people of different races & cultures. I dreamed of traveling the world, meeting other interesting people of different races, religion and cultures. I moved to Singapore at the age of 13. At 19 I went to London to further my education. While living in London I traveled around England & Europe (Holland, France, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Scotland and Ireland). It was a wonderful experience & education on European arts and cultures.

After London, I returned to Singapore to work. I traveled through out Asia (Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, China, Burma and Australia). In 1995 during a trip to Myanmar (Burma), I had a wonderful spiritual moment connecting with their art, cultures & customs in the village Bagan. This inspired me to study fine art. I moved to Hong Kong in 1996 to study Chinese calligraphy, watercolor on rice paper, drawings & oil paintings.

I moved to NYC 1999 and enrolled in a work study program at The National Academy of Fine Arts & Museum. I worked part-time in the museum and studied art history, drawing, printmaking, watercolor & oil painting at the Academy for 3 years. I also attended the Art Student League Academy where artists like de Kooning, Pollack, Gorky, Hoffman have instructed.

I love New York City. It’s a melting pot for many wonderful nationalities, religions, races and cultures which inspires me strongly in my art work.

My art work consists of three different series: The “Olympix”, The Abstract Organic CP & The Portrait.

The “Olympix” Series abstractly represents people connecting with one another. The multi-color ellipses represent people of different colors and races connecting with one another, creating understanding, tolerance and harmony.

The “Abstract Organic CP” series are paintings relating to connections with our surrounding and environment.

The “Portraits” series are the observations & studies of the human behaviors and emotions.

These art work all have the common theme of connecting with people & interacting with their environments.

I have exhibited in solo & group exhibits in Hong Kong (The Hong Kong Convention Center), In New York at The Cork Gallery, The Avery Fisher Hall, The Park Avenue Atrium, The National Academy juries show, The New York Public Library, The Southampton Culture Center, East Hampton Artist Studio & ARC Gallery Chelsea NYC.

Currently I am working on expanding my art projects, mainly the three series in NYC and East Hampton.

I am honored to have art collectors & suporters from all over the world.