Ang-Ray’s art work draws from his many inspirations and influences acquired through his traveling and living around the world. Born in Borneo, Ang spent time living in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Hong Kong, and London before coming to live and paint in New York City. Through the people and places he has come in contact with, Ang has fused his scenes of everyday life with a world view that expresses his feeling that his art “can result in a spiritual bonding between the artist and his audience.”

Earlier art works were influenced and inspired by the Impressionists and Expressionists artists, especially Cézanne, Manet, Poussin, and Matisse. Ang-Ray has also drawn inspiration from Abstract-Expressionists such as Kandinsky, DeKooning, Bacon and Gorky. His work continues to evolve in two main directions: figurative expressionist & abstractions with a contemporary fresh twist. He is also inspired by artists such as Hoffman, Soutine, Carravagio and Tintoretto.

My art is inspired by the spirit of “Human Connection”. It represents the journey of my life, connecting with people around the world. Inspirations came from my experiences & memories of Borneo(where I was borm), Singapore, London, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia & Europe where I have lived & visited. I currently live & create my artworks in Chelsea NYC.

Materials & Tools

The materials are old-traditional & new Eastern – Western fusion. Traditional materials such as Chinese rice paper & oil medium are laminated & fused in with newer materials – acrylic metallic paints on canva. Creating my unique mixed media paintings on Canvas.

The Three Series:

Ang Ray Olympix Series

The Olympix Series

Ellipses interlocking each another, representing people of different races, colors – spiritually connecting. The underlying colors reflect the wonderful cultures and ethnicity within them.

Ang Ray Organic Abstract Series

The Organic Abstract Series

Studies, drawings and oil paintings of my observation of people connecting, moving and relating within their environments, landscape, room and space in a zen and  harmonious manner.

Ang Ray Portraait Series

The Portrait Series

Studies of the “inner connection” within subjects, observing who they really are – their face, the space & people around them. Art beyond the surface interests me more than the surface beauty.