Ang Ray - Self Portrait

Ang-Ray’s art work draws inspirations primarily from his experiences acquired from his journey travelling & living in different cities around the world.

Born in the island of Borneo, Ang-Ray grew up in Singapore, spent time living in Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong & London before coming to work & paint in New York City. Through his travels & the people he met, he fuses scenes of everyday life with a world view that expresses his unique art work which result in a spiritual bonding between the artist & his audience.

Earlier work were influenced by the Post Impressionists and Expressionists artists, especially Cezanne, Manet, Van Gogh & Matisse. Later work were inspired from The Abstract-Expressionists such as Kandinsky, De Kooning, Hoffman & Gorky. His current work continues to evolve in three main series:The Olympix, Organic, Portraits/Figurative with a fresh contemporary twist. Artists such as Francis Bacon, Picasso, Caravaggio, Poussin,Tintoretto, Rembrandt, Soutine & Richard Serra have also continue to inspire him.

“My art is motivated by the spirit of “Human Connection”. It represents the journey of my life, connecting with people around the world. My earlier memories living in Borneo, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, London, Australia, Europe & now NYC have definitely add influences in my Art work” – Ang-Ray

The Materials & Tools
Ang-Ray Solo Art Exhibit - Chelsea NYC
Ang-Ray Solo Art Exhibit – Chelsea NYC

The materials I use are a combination of old traditional & newer materials (Eastern/Western fusion). Traditional materials such as Chinese rice paper & oil medium are laminated & fused in with newer materials (acrylic & metallic paints) on canvas. This result in my unique oil mixed media paintings on Canvas.

The Three Series:
The Olympix,
The Organic &
The Portrait/Figure
Ang Ray Olympix Series
The Olympix Series

The Olympix Series are colorful Ellipses interlocking each another, abstractly representing people of different races, colors & religions-connecting spiritually. The underlying colors reflect the wonderful cultures and ethnicity within them.

Ang Ray Organic Abstract Series
The Organic Abstract Series

The Organic Series are studies, drawings and abstract oil paintings of people & their surroundings, connecting, moving & interacting with their environments, landscape and space in a harmonious Zen manner.


Ang Ray Portraait Series
The Portrait/Figure Series

The Portrait/Figure Series studies the “inner complex connection” within us -“The Subjects” By observing & understanding who the subjects really are – the faces, the space & surrounding fascinate me greatly.

Painting beyond the surface interests me more than just the superficial beauty on the surface” Ang-Ray